Marcella Casu

Born in Cagliari, Italy, in 1970. Lives and works in Rome.


Recently I have worked on the human figure immersed in a natural landscape, showing the revelatory quality of this relationship through non representative elements. My interest lies in the integrity expressed by the nude, in being an individual radically, being free, with no shame nor fear.

I often present a scene where figures are dynamically immersed in the natural context. The scenery generally ends up with some kind of suspension, an enigmatic air, something invisible that’s taking place. A sort of happy metaphysics shining in the glory of the human form.


*Giving birth in paint ’cause pain hurts and my brain too.

**Avoids specialization, loves spatialization.

***A painter is like the sea, it can’t but reflect the sky. 

Studio: V.V.V.V.